Project Description

At the 2010 Clean Snowmobile Challenge (CSC) last year the University of Idaho snowmobile failed the sound portion of the competition. The sled scored 82 dBA (sound pressure level) in J-192 sound test and the score must be below 72 dBA.

This project will be building a muffler to try and reduce the noise of the U of I snowmobile. Also we will be integrating a CAT into the muffler to help lower emissions. The CAT must be easily removable.

The testing and verification of a new muffler will require design and construction of a flow bench.

About the Clean Snowmobile Challenge Team

Snowmobiles have traditionally been loud, with high levels of exhaust emissions and poor fuel economy.  The snowmobile’s negative impact on the environment prompted the snowmobile community to challenge college students to design a cleaner, quieter snowmobile.  The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) organized the Clean Snowmobile Challenge in 1999. The competition is currently held at the Keweenaw Research Center in Houghton, Michigan. The competition focuses on increasing fuel economy, reducing emissions, and reducing the noise of snowmobiles to make them more environmentally friendly.

The University of Idaho Clean Snowmobile Team is comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students. U of I has been competing in the competition since 2000.


Project Specifications

Emissions Specifications

Our goal this year is to meet National Park Standards (NPS) for emissions. This will be done with a CAT. Below is the teams score from last year as well as competition and NPS standards. Our focuses will be carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons emissions.