Stealth CAT's Muffler

The final Stealth CAT muffler for the University of Idaho Clean Snowmobile Challenge Team is picture below. The complete drawing package can be found on the Documents page.


The diagram below highlights some of the features of the muffler. The team added half of a Hushpower cone section above the CAT. From testing this was found to be the quietest arrangement.

Description: E:\Sr Design\For the final paper\muffler diagram3.png

CAT Integration

The teams CAT was chosen by Aristo based on our emissions goals and engine output. It is 4 inches in diameter and 4 inches long with 300 cells.

The CAT was integrated into the muffler keeping in mind space, heat, and need to be removed easily. The team received an extra Hushpower cylindrical shell to mount the CAT in. This kept construction simple as all three tubes of the muffler would be the same diameter and the team did not have to find someone to roll sheet metal. The figure below shows how the CAT is mounted and removed from the shell. The CAT can freely slide in and out of the shell and machined rings on the caps keep the CAT centered. Changing the CAT requires only the removal of four bolts.