Project Description

Problem Statement

  1. RLEP (Robotic Lunar Exploration Program)
  2. NASA Ames
  3. ISGC (Idaho Space Grant Consortium)

Target Specifications:
  1. 6 Degrees of Freedom - The final product must be able to move with six degrees of freedom; up, down, forward, back, left and right.
  2. 6-Bar Tensegrity Structure - By attaching solid rods and lengths of wire together in just the right way, with motors to change the lengths of the wire, we can control a armlike structure and move it where we want.
  3. Collapsible and Light - A tesnsegrity structure by its very nature will be light and collapsible.
  4. Modular - It is hoped that the 6-Bar Robotic Arm will be able to link together with other 6-Bar Robotics Arms, forming a larger robotic arm. Attachments, such as cameras or grippers, are another item desired to hook to the top of the arm.

  1. Current Robotic Arms can have a large profile
  2. A lighter, collapsible Arms are in high demand

  1. 6-Bar Tensegrity Robotic Arm
  2. 6 Degrees of freedom
  3. Modular Design