PAE Progress

Design Stage 1

Our initial concepts involved using a Dremel(tm) type tool, and affixing it to a framework that would control the depth of the engraving. This product would need to move in the Z-axis, and could be designed to move in the X-Y axis as well. Our discussions focused upon these two problems:

  • Controlling the depth of engraving and starting/stopping the cut (Z-axis)
  • Drawing a pattern (XY-axis)

We developend independent concepts for each of the two problems.


  • Simple vertical plunge, depth controlled by mechanical stop
    • Z-axis: uses the Stewmac precision routing base concept combined with a mechanical stop via microstop
    • XY-axis: By hand
  • Mechanized plunge, depth controlled by mechanical stop
    • Z-axis: Uses a cam and lever assembly to plunge the bit
    • XY-axis: By hand
  • Automated device using rail system and carriage
    • Z-axis: Uses a rack and pinion or some other automatic means to plunge the router
    • XY-axis: Uses a system of rails to provide movement in the XY plane
We also considered using a stencil-like guide to draw the desired patterns: