Display concepts

1. Discrete LEDs

Numbers being lit up by LEDs
Central LCD Display for odometer, trip meter and error messages.

Pros Cons
Usage of space(small SMTs)             Too many LEDs         
Quick visible display of speed.   Accuracy limited

2. Arc LEDs

LEDs arranged in a rainbow or arc format.
Central LCD display.

Pros Cons
    Usage of space(small SMTs)  Too many LEDs resulting in more current consumption.
    Quick visible display of speed.                                    
Stylish display. Finding bright enough LEDs to fit in such an arrangement.
Accurate display of speed (+/- 2 mph)

3. String LEDs
LEDs arranged in string or line format.
LCD display can be in the direct center or bottom half of the display.

Pros Cons
Customer is used to seeing a needle from an analog gauge, so this design will be an easy transition from the analog to digital gauge.                                                         Too many LEDs.                                                                                                                  
Not stylish; very choppy.
Quick visible display of speed.   Not very Accurate 

4. Light Guide design
Combined best qualities of the above mentioned designs

Pros Cons
Utilizes the best qualities of two
design concepts, string and discrete LEDs.              
Strands are harder to see than the individual LEDs.
Gives a quick visible representation  
of speed that is also accurate.
Shielding is required to meet the "visible in daylight" specification.
          Very stylish                                                                   Strands take up more room on
the gauge leaving less room for
 user customization of the background.