The standard speed gauge uses a needle pointing to the speed at which the bike is moving at. This project aims to replace the standard analog gauge with an optically illuminated digital gauge. The information on the gauge will be displayed digitally through the use of light-emitting-diodes (LEDs) and a liquid-crystal-display (LCD).

The analog gauge with digital movement is a University of Idaho senior design project sponsored by Biketronics. Biketronics is a company based in Moscow, ID that manufactures after-market parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Mike Meehan is the client representing Biketronics for the duration of this project.


The objective of this project is to provide an alternative speed gauge for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The gauge design will replace the current analog needle on the speed gauge with solid state needle. The gauge will allow for some customization. It will also include an odometer to display the total miles on the vehicle. We will be using the smallest possible LCD to display the mileage information, with LEDs set in a specific configuration according to our gauge face design to display the speed of the motorcycle.

Client Needs