The EcoData Hatch project gives scientific data management a simple web-based interface and simplifies data analysis.

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Sponsored by

Alex Fremier, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho.

Developed by

Mike Solomon and Colby Blair, Computer Science, University of Idaho

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Hatch data workflow

Sponsor Information

The EcoData Hatch project is sponsored by Dr. Alex Fremier, associate professor in the University of Idaho College of Natural Resources. Dr. Fremier can be reached at his e-mail address at

Problem Statement

Modern science generates large amounts of data. This data needs to be explored and visualized to find interesting features. It must then be filtered and manipulated, all while being stored in a way that is fast, searchable, reliable, and remotely accessible. Hatch brings these features to scientific data management in a convenient and intuitive web application.

Problem Definition

The EcoData tool is a simplified interface to the deluge of data.

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The Team

Meet the development team.

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