MCP Nanoscale IC Final Design

The final set up for the design is shown below.  It consists of two of the IC chips in their entire environment.  This includes the FPGA, PCB and input devices.  The input device used is a keyboard, and the data inputted on the keyboard is transmitted to the other side and displayed on a seven-segment display.  

The chip was able to achieve send and receive data well over 100kbit/s as seen in the specs, as well as a distance of 3+ meters. The scope shots below show the speed that is achieved (period under 10us).  The setup for testing the first time is also shown below.

Demonstration Platform

PCB Front and Back


Sending of the Value "A" (00011100) Scope shot

The Green is the analog signal received by the receiving diode.  

The purple is the bias voltage that trips the comparator, once above or below it.

The Blue is the digitalized output of the comparator.

The yellow is the output that is sent from the transmission circuitry of the transmitter side.