MCP Nanoscale IC Developers Senior Design Team

Team MCP Nanoscale IC Developers (MCP Nano for short)  is sponsored by the VLSI Senors Research Group (VSRG) of University of Idaho is mentored by Dr. Suat Ay. The design team consists three electrical engineering seniors from the University of Idaho: Markus Geiger, Pin-jen Wang, and Chris Goodale.

The goal of Team MCP Nano is to design a low power Infrared Communications chip that will be employed to transmit wireless data at a minimum bandwidth of 100kbit/s over a minimum distance of 2m between two identical Infrared transceiver units.  

The final design achieved these goals, with a distance of 3+ meters.  

The project would like to specially recognize the late Dr. Ken Noren for his support and countless hours working with us.  Team MCP Nano could not have achieved this without him.