About Smoke

Smoke - looks like a cloud but really isn't one - aims to leverage existing cloud storage protocols that are widely used by companies such as Amazon (the author or S3), Rackspace and Eucalyptus and make these protocols available to access data stored in non-cloud based filesystems at local/private data centers.  By facilitating access to these non-cloud based filesystems, the proxy will reduce the overall complexity of accessing data locally and in the cloud, and will allow existing GUI and command line clients that understand the cloud based storage protocols to communicate with local storage systems as if the data was located in the cloud.

This proxy will be integrated into the storage software and systems managed by the Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies at the University of Idaho and facilitate the storage, transfer and sharing of terabytes of genomic sequencing data generated by the sequencing equipment of the Genomics Resources Core directed by Matt Settles.  The design team consists of one individual (Robert Lyon) who is a long time employee and student at the University.

The latest source code for this project can be found at https://github.com/rlyon/smoke