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Engineering Senior Design 2011-2012

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Douglas Kippes

Kendra Hildreth

Kara Kleppen

Zack Wuthrich

Project Deliverable

Mechanical Testbed

Test Bed

The Infinity Planting Team has developed an automated test bed whose mechanical components include an electrically powered belt, planter unit, speed sensing system, and the Infinity Drive IVT. This test bed provides multiple benefits for both our team and our client. The test bed allows for proof of concept, serves as a demonstrative tool at investor presentations, and delivers a means of collecting accurate speed input and output data necessary for further improving the transmission's function.

Project Goal

Infinity planting strives to adapt existing proprietary technology in order to provide a digitally-controlled Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) for demonstrative use in a precision seed planting system. In order to create this demonstrative IVT, several adjustments need to be made:

- electronic actuation of shifting

- creation of a demonstrative test bed

- monitoring of transmission output


Company: Based in Boise, Idaho, Io Dupont, found in 2004, develops high-end technology products - primarily for the cycling industry.

Team Members

Project Leader: Doug Kippes

Administrative Duties: Kendra Hildreth

Budget Manager: Zack Wuthrich

Website Designer: Kara Kleppen

Advisor and Mentors

Advisor: Jay McCormack

Graduate School Mentor: Curtis Bower

Graduate School Mentor: Dan Mathewson

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