Presentation day/Snapshot day

November 30, 2012
We will be offering a live demo of the app in the Senior Design Suite between 8:30am and 10:15am for Snapshot Day followed by a more technical discussion of our design process at 11:30am in the SUB Silver Room.

Demo app compiles

November 14, 2012
A demo of the app compiles and is available by emailing Alex or Jeremy.  Current features include selecting notes, clefs, adding/removing notes.  Notes can be sharp or flat.  Sample fingerings are displayed (the fingering images are placeholders and are not actual fingerings).

Note and clef  selection functional

October 28, 2012
Up to three notes can be selected in the app on either treble, tenor, or base clef. 

Snapshot day

October 7, 2012

Snapshot day will be on October 9th.

Design Documents Complete

September 30, 2012

Our class and use case diagrams are complete at this time and we are ready to begin our specification document.  After the specification document is completed, coding of this app will begin.

Project Start

September 4 , 2012

Today our team was formed and we began our work on the bassoon fingering app.  We named ourselves "Team Bassoon Fingering App".  Today mostly consisted of setting up meeting times with each other, our professor and our sponsor.  On our own time, we began to look over the Objective-C language, as it is the language this app will be written in.

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