Cold Weather Greenhouse in Sandpoint Idaho

Design and model a high efficiency greenhouse for the Sandpoint Area in Northern Idaho. The greenhouse will be used to grow high-value crops during winter to minimize the imports to the area.

Team Green Thumb is sponsored by the Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency (SURA) and is mentored by Dr. Hess. The design team consists of engineers from the University of Idaho: Caitlin Keith (Bio-Ag Engineering), Jiangong Li (Bio-Ag Engineering), Brian Lockner (Mechanical Engineering), and Josh Miller (Bio-Ag Engineering).


The Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency (SURA) is an independent public redevelopment agency serving the city of Sandpoint , Idaho . The SURA was established by City Council in 2005 and currently has two redevelopment districts: the Downtown (established in 2005); and the Northern (established in 2005).

SURA is a catalyst for economic vitalization within the Sandpoint Urban Renewal Districts. Authorized by State and local law, the SURA partners with public and private entities to help improve economic vitality, create jobs and encourage investment. SURA also participates in public improvements like parks, trails, streets, and sidewalks. SURA development activities include both public and public/private partnership projects. All projects to date have been funded by tax increment financing; public funds used to leverage private sector investment within the Districts.