Native Fish Species Restoration with Remote Incubators

General Introduction of the Team

Problem Statement: The purpose of this project is to optimize both the current stream-side incubator and collapsible in-stream incubator designs in order to create optimal living conditions for steelhead and salmon fry. Currently, the life expectancy of the fish originating in the river is very low. The hatch rate in the wild is below 5% due to environmental and human factors. Our goal is to increase the hatch rate to approximately (98-99)%, while allowing wild fish to develop rather than tame, hatchery fish.

The sponsor for this project is Dr. Ed Galindo (Yaqui). He is the director of the Natural Resources Tribal Cooperative Aquaculture Research Institute at University of Idaho.  

The team advisor for this project will be Dr. Thomas F. Hess. He is a professor at University of Idaho in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

The design team consists of five seniors from the University of Idaho. In the picture below from left to right is: Cailin Penberthy (Biological and Agricultural Engineering),  Ruth Reeber (Mechanical Engineering), Parker Burton (Biological and Agricultural Engineering),  Nora Sedgwick (Biological and Agricultural Engineering), and Ujjwal Shrestha (Mechanical Engineering)

From left: Cailin Penberthy, Ruth Reeber, Parker Burton, Nora Sedgwick, and Ujjwal Shrestha