Wireless Camera with Integrated Circuit

The purpose of this project is to build upon the current innovative "video camera image sensor" developed by Dr. Suat Ay and design an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) to control the current system. This ASIC will also control a wireless interface to a tablet or computer as well as have our current system display to an LCD screen. The overall size will be portable and could well be used in a variety of applications from entertainment to security.

Pixel Perfect is sponsored by Dr. Suat Ay and is mentored by Tony Kanago. The design team consists six seniors from the University of Idaho: Darren Allen (Computer Engineering), Jon Lamb (Computer Science), Lyle Johnson (Computer Science), Daniel Mazo (Computer Engineering), Daniel Micheletti (Electrical Engineering), Kyle Swenson (Computer Engineering).

Senior Design Review Presentation for Fall 2012