2012-2013 Projects

Formula Hybrid  -  
IO DuPont - precision agriculture machine  - No Site??
Pumpkin Cannon  -
Doubly Fed Induction Generator Test Beds  -
Bassoon Fingering App -
CALS Sandpoint Greenhouse  -
Trout Streamside Incubator  -
Soccer Rules App  -
Bandbeesten control - No Site??
Ultra-affordable Rapid Prototyping Machine -
NASA Flywheel -
NAVSEA Competition Mini-Sub  -
NASA Ames Tensegrity -
Automated Case and Bullet Plate Filling -
Prius PHEV Conversion -
Buck Knives 110 pin setter -
Rotor Field Temperature Sensing - Avista
Pelton Wheel Instrumentation -
Sustainable Energy for U-Idaho McCall Field Campus -
Digital Camera IC  -
uALS -
Dynamic Duo - (No Site??)
Automated Circuit Testing - Biketronics
Dam Power - Avista



2011-2012 Projects  

Intelligent Chess Board - Greg Vanderford, GL Design Associates  
MCP Nanoscale IC Development - Suat Ay
Panel Antenna - SEL
Integrating Prioritized Audio Signals - Biketronics
Power Management Chip - Suat Ay
Battery Rejuvenator Characterizer - US Navy, Acoustic Research Detachment
Miniature Automated Shock Testing Apparatus - SANDIA National Laboratories
Solar Powered Refrigerator - Mark Hall
Phase Shifting Transformer Tap Changer - SEL
Flywheel Energy Storage System for Lunar Colonization - Joe Law, University of Idaho
A pH Based Biosensor for Detection of Glycerides in Biodiesel - Dev Shresthra
Pumpkin Cannon - University of Idaho Agriculture Department
Transition for Precision Seed Planting - IO Dupont
Tensegrity Robot - NASA RLEP
Magnum Shear Experiment and Redesign for Bullet Tools - Bullet Tools
Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle - Dean Edwards
Rear Drive Snowmobile - NIATT
Simple Storage Service Proxy - Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies, University of Idaho
Bassoon Fingering Finder - Susan Hess
Idaho Cost and Budget Management - Idaho Department of Health/Welfare
Long Lake Dam Modeling and Redesign of Sub-Station Power Service - Avista
Marching Band Mobile Drum Set - UI Music Department
Analog Gauge with Digital Display - Biketronics
Weather Station - Idaho Power
Web Interface for Scientific Data Management - Alex Fremier, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho
Data Acquisition on Mobile Devices Using Non-Standard Transfer Methods - Decagon Devices, Inc.
Experimental Brayton Cycle for Space Application - INL, Center for Nuclear Space Research
I²C Interfaced Controller for Configuring and Reading Data from an Ambient Light Sensor - Suat Ay

2010-2011 Projects

Harley Engine Control Unit - Biketronics, Inc.   
Flywheel Energy Storage for Lunar Colonization - NASA 
Scooter with regenerative braking - Dr. Greg Donohoe, UI 
Hybrid electric formula car - Dr. Edwin Odom, UI 
Thermopile test fixture - Dr. Scott Whalen, Sandia National Laboratories 
Mars hopper exploration vehicle - INL & Dr. Steve Howe, CSNR 
Hybrid Range Extender - Dr. Dean Edwards, UI 
Robotic Tensegrity Unit - NASA 
Timber Grading Mechanism - Dr. Tom Gorman, UI 
Aerospace Materials Engraving - Boeing 
Fluid Chiller and Control System - Intel 
Visualization of Fault Locations - Idaho Power 
Microprocessor Development System - Dr. Richard Wall, UI 
SBOE Document Search Tool - State Board of Education 
AESD Auxiliary DC Micorgrid - Navy at Bayview 
Titan Rain Detector - NASA 
PCEI Energy Study and Conservation - PCEI 
Hull Adherence Testing Mechanism - MillerCoors 
Clean Snowmobile - Exhaust Gas Trap - Dr. Karen DenBraven, UI 
Clean Snowmobile - Muffler - Dr. Karen DenBraven, UI 
Removal of Salt from Electrorefiner - INL 


2009-2010 Projects

Configurable Motorcycle Engine Controller - Biketronics, Inc.   
Multi-generator Power Management System - SEL 
Taylor Ranch Power System Expansion - College of Natural Resources 
Wind Farm Collector Protection and Control - Power Engineers 
Foliar Sampling Device - Mark Coleman, CNR  
Tie Down Rack Finishing - Mac’s Custom Tie Downs 
Kendrick Pool Heating - Kendrick, ID 
AUV Battery Charging & Propulsion - Bayview 
Electronic Bike Shifter - Randall Keeney 
Test apparatus for munitions primers - Mark VonLindern, ATK 
Phase shifting transformer - John Finley, SEL 
UI compost design - Darin Saul, UI 
NASA lunar rover inductive charging - Dr. David Atkinson, ISGC 
Golf course irrigation - Grangeville 
Clean snowmobile exhaust valve control system - NIATT
Reed Forming Machine - Dr. Tom Hess
Wideband, High-Power VHF Circulator - Dr. Ken Noren & Dr. Jeffery Young 
Hybrid Powertrain - NIATT 
Power Boost Kick Scooter - Dr. Greg Donohoe 
Wildlife Surveillance Instrumentation - Dr. Kerri Vierling, UI 
High temperature soil probe - Dr. Peter Robichaud, USDA 
Graphite dust production system - Dr. Karl Rink & Dr. Akira Tokuhiro, UI 
AUV - Dr. Dean Edwards, UI 
Boiling water test loop - Dr. Akira Tokuhiro, UI 
LSV2 Autonomous Charger - Dr. Herb Hess, UI 


2008-2009 Projects

Motorcycle Stereo Amplifier - Biketronics, Inc.
Data Acquisition System and Data Management - Navy ARD
Thumbprint Ignition System - Biketronics, Inc.
SEL-2411 Automated Crosswalk - SEL
Spar Mill Workholder - Boeing
Dillution Tunnel - NIATT
Sand Slurry Pump - Blue Water Technologies
Ballistic Test Fixture - ATK
Multi-Touch Control Surface - Advanced Input Systems
Electric Vehicle Impact on the Electric Grid - Idaho Power
Open Architecture Robot - College of Engineering, University of Idaho
Test Fixture to Measure Ski Boot Forces - Dr. Jeff Seegmiller, University of Idaho
Multicore security - Raytheon
Tractor Pull - Biological & Agricultural Eng, University of Idaho
El Salvador Water Project- Dr. Jan Boll, University of Idaho
Re-entry Probe - NASA Ames
RLEP Instrument Launcher - NASA
Active Cold Trap - Dr. Akira Tokuhiro, Univeristy of Idaho
Sand Motion Monitor - Blue Water Technologies
LSV2 Battery Charger Control - Navy ARD
Formula Car - Mechanical Engineering Department
Pressure Vessel Cleaning - Autoliv
Orbital Debris Detection System - NASA Ames
Setpoint Block - Boeing
Remote Controlled Pesticide Application - Dr. Don Morishita, University of Idaho
Salt Removal - INL

2007-2008 Projects

Deer & Elk Automated Deterrent System - Idaho Fish and Game
Nanopositioning Drive Project - Manning Applied Technology
Voice Recognition Hardware Development - EsterLine
Fuel Cell to Battery Powered DC System Interface - Navy ARD
Space Elevator - CoEngr
Transformer Faults and Inrush - SEL
Wireless Thermal Protection - NASA
Knee CPM Machine - Mckelor Technologies
Sediment Trap - Center for Ecohydraulics Research
Hot Cell Manipulation Equipment - INL
Rain Chamber - Itron
Non-Prehensile Lunar Manipulator - RLEP/NASA
FSAE Vehicle - ME Department
Outboard Emissions Clean-up - BRP
Potato waste conditioning for biodiesel fuel production - Simplot
Sanitary Gate Design - Key Technologies
Soil Compactor/Dehydrator - Potting Shed Creations
Educational Robot - EE Department


2006-2007 Projects

Vandal Racing - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors
Robotic Lunar Exploration - NASA
Knife Sharpener Fixture - Simplot
High Velocity Descent Probe - NASA
Transformer Testing Station - Norman Fischer
Next Generation Traffic Controller - NIATT
Wireless Thermal Protection System - NASA
Water Catchment System for Maasai - Eric Morris
Fan Test Facility - Intel
Maritime Energy Management System - ONR
Hybrid HMMWV Alternator - ONR
Water Filter for the Maasai - Eric Morris
Tractor Pull Competition - College of Engineering
Infant Sleep Monitor - INL
Fuel Rod Spacer Removal System - INL
Rover Nocturnal Visual System - JPL
Fertilizer Placement - U.S. Department of Agriculture
HMMWV Battery System - ONR
EHV Substation 2nd DC Source - Idaho Power
Updated Action for Borah West - Idaho Power
Conference Speaker Timing System - Western Protective Relay Conference
Distribution Harmonic Mitigation - Idaho Power
Lithium-Ion Battery Charger - U.S. Marine Corps
Selective Ground Fault Protection - Relay Application Innovation
Crystal Measurment System - Cypress
Adolescent Leg Strength Test Fixture - Kathy Browder
Microchannel Manufacturing and Testing - NCIIA


2005-2006 Projects

Refrigerator Latch and Hinge - Premco, Inc
Direct Drive - NIATT – Clean Snowmobile Competition
Vandals Racing FSAE Team - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors
Interferometer Alignment - Manning Applied Technologies
Feedhorn Alignment - UI Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
FSAE Wireless Telemetry System - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors
Electrosurgical Test Apparatus - Arthrocare Corporation
Water Treatment Sensing and Control - Blue Water Technologies
Hybrid Development - ONR
Sensor Positioning Equipment - Center for EcoHydralics Research
Impact Testing Equipment - Itron
Optimization of Small Aircraft Tug - Dan Holmes
Venus Descent Probe - NASA
Neural Forearm Simulator - Terry Soule
Probe Pointing & Control - NASA
Differential Serial Communications - CAMBR and NASA
Traffic Controller Customization - NIATT
Infrared Paper Dryer - Potlatch
Snowmobile Intake System - NIATT – Clean Snowmobile Competition
Portable Biofilter - Eric Morris
Semi-Continuous Product Removal - Idaho National Laboratory
Spray Coolant Test Equipment - Isothermal Research Systems


2004-2005 Projects

Fuel Element Cutter - Idaho National Laboratory
Two-Stroke Direct Injection - NIATT – Clean Snowmobile Competition
Vandals Racing FSAE Team - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors
Automated Part Rejection System - Unicep Packaging Inc
Automated Platform for Airbag Folding - Autoliv
Miniaturization of 'Ear Talk' - NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH
Lifetest Apparatus for Surgical Electrodes - Arthrocare Corporation
Radio with Binary Phase Shift Modulation - Simply Test LLC
Snowmobile Data Acquisition System - NIATT - Clean Snowmobile Competition
CSC Direct Drive - NIATT Clean Snowmobile Competition
Battery Power Dewpoint Sensor - Decagon Devices
Hybrid Hydraulic System for Garbage Trucks - NIATT
End Effector for Hot Cell - Bechtel
Filter Disassembly - Idaho National Labratory
Airbag Testing Platform - Takata
Electrical Load Leveler for Tractor-Trailers - NIATT
Lithium Ion Battery Charger - Itron
Reconfigurable Computing Platform - NASA GSFC
Reed Gouging Apparatus - UI Music Department
Low Power Wireless Sensor Network - CAMBR
Vision System for Inspecting Ammunition - ATK
Formula SAE Racecar Telemetry System UI College of Engineering 
Assembly-line workcell - UI Boise
High Voltage Discrete MOS Op Amp - Apex Microtechnology
Soil Temperature Meter - USDA
Small Scale Hydropower Optimization - John Law


2003-2004 Projects

Direct Injection for a Two-Stroke Engine - NIATT 
Vandals Racing FSAE Team - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors
Exhaust Gas Energy Recovery - NIATT - Future Truck Competition
Life Cycle Test Machine - Itron
Spray Visualization System - Isothermal Systems Research (ISR)
Electrode Assembly Tool - Arthrocare Corporation
Electric Motor Assist System - NIATT – Future Truck Competition
4X4 Engagement Mechanism - NIATT – Future Truck Competition
Pick and Place Mechanism - Boeing
2 Stroke Exhaust System - NIATT – Clean Snowmobile Competition
Fiber Stretching Mechanism - Manning Applied Technology
Moth Egg Seperator - UI Aquaculture Center
Waste Can Cutter - Argonne National Laboratory - West
Position and Communication System - NCIAA
Touch Screen Testing System - Advanced Input Devices
Air Bag Folding System - Autoliv ASP
Mechanical Seal and Leak Down Detection - Bechtel National


2002-2003 Projects

Electronic Life Cycle Test Machine - Itron
Waste Can Cutter - Argonne National Laboratory - West
Vandals Racing FSAE Team - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors
Position Communications System - NCIIA
Exhaust Gas Emissions Reduction - NIATT - Future Truck
Adjustable Joggle Die Set - Avcorp
Radioactive Waste Filter Cruncher - Argonne National Laboratory - West
Basson Reed Gouger - UI Music Department
Three Axis CNC Router - Triumph Composites
Arthroscopic Debriding and Resecting Tool - Stryker Endoscopy
Flat Part Manipulator - Boeing
Pneumatic Wrench - Autoliv
Motionless Joystick - Advanced Input Devices
Waste Cylinder Geometry Verification - Bechtel National
Truck Emergency Braking System - Autoliv
Integration of Controls into a LoDrill - Bay Shore Systems


2001-2002 Projects

Printer Cartridge Torque Dynamometer - Hewlett Packard
Mandrel Handling Machine - Boeing
Automated Joggle Die - Boeing
Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Climate Control - NIATT
Engine Cold Chamber - NIATT
Uranium Drill Sample Extractor - Argonne National Laboratory - West
Hot Chamber Rapid Insertion Port - Argonne National Laboratory - West
ACL Tensioning Device - Stryker Endoscopy
Ear Plug Pressure Sensor - Howard Leight Hearing Protection
File System Endurance Tester - Kimball International
Office Divider Frame Assembler - Kimball International
Reed Profiling Machine - UI Music Department


2000-2001 Projects

Esophageal Catheter Balloon Fabrication - Stryker Endoscopy
Laser Etching Placement Table - Stryker Endoscopy
Modified Blanking Process - Boeing
Small Transfer Lock - Argonne National Laboratory - West
Core Boring Device - Argonne National Laboratory - West
Ingot Extraction Process - Argonne National Laboratory - West
FTIR Emissions Test Bench - NIATT
Alternate Fuel Mixing Station - NIATT
PCB Assembly Fixture - Jabil Electronics
Automated Processor Handling - Intel
Sewer Piping Regulator - City of Boise
Lockrod Cut-to-length Station - Kimball International
Encoder Disk Extracting Station - Encoder Products
Shoulder Rehabilitation Machine - Dr. Swain M.D., Nampa, ID
CMP Flow Visualization - Micron Technology


1999-2000 Projects

Flange Bending Machine - Boeing
Bike Shelter - UI Facilities and City of Moscow
Handcycle for Handicapped Rider - Tim Dahmen
Corrosion Testing Apparatus - Albertsons
Nuclear Fuel Pin Separator - Argonne National Laboratory - West
Centripetal Demister - Argonne National Laboratory - West
Portable Wind Tunnel - Idaho Space Grant Consortium
APU for Future Truck - NIATT - Future Truck
High Speed Gear Reduction System for Future Truck - NIATT - Future Truck
Motor/Controller for Future Truck - NIATT - Future Truck
Engraving System for Endoscopes - Stryker Endoscopy
Lens Cleaning Station - Stryker Endoscopy
Home Windpower System - Deb McKinnon & Tom Orway
Remote Controlled Underwater Camera - ID Department of Fish and Game


1998-1999 Projects

Accelerated Pressure Roller Wear Apparatus - Hewlett Packard
Optical Inspection Fixture - Stryker Endoscopy
Resin Injection and Curing System - Stryker Endoscopy
Small Engine Test Stand - NIATT
Hybrid Bicycle - NIATT
Van Conversion For Alternative Fuel - NIATT
Brake Test Apparatus - Brake Guard Inc.
Ceramic Printing Equipment - Litehouse Custom Printing
CNC Kit Refinement - LCF Enterprises
Earthquake Simulator - The Discovery Center of Idaho
Wood Lamination Machine - Elkhorn Archery
All Terrain Wheelchair - Tim Dahmen
Underwater Camera System - Idaho Department of Fish and Game